Guberman Group's unique temporary financial services provide the ultimate solution for any of our customers' temporary financial needs. Whether it is a skilled finance team that needs assistance with its routine tasks or temporary support during busy periods, the service provides a flexible outsourcing solution that is tailored to each customer's needs and provides external support – whether full, temporary or partial.

What needs does the service provide?

• Substitution for the CFO, controller, accountant or payroll specialist during parental leave (maternity leave).

• Replacement during reserve duty.

• Support for a lack of specific knowledge or professional experience that necessitates a professional body with the relevant knowhow. For example: transition to USGAAP reporting, implementation of specific information systems, dealing with IPO, or transition to reporting that conforms to the Securities Regulations.

• Beginning a large, complex accounting process that creates temporary overload and requires backup for a defined time period, such as: IPO, mergers, information systems implementations or restatement of reports.

• In cases where the company's finance team is engaged in complex accounting processes, such as IPO, Guberman's employees will perform the regular tasks, thereby enabling the team to focus on the project. Alternatively, while the company's finance team deals with the routine tasks Guberman's employees can attend to the IPO.

Plug & Play Experience:

The professionals at Guberman have undergone extensive, specialized training for providing services in the client's offices, in order to be able to enable an immediate response without wasting time on long training.