New extension order – Shortening the work week

Lilach Elayza, Payroll Specialist, Guberman Group 2,029

As from April 1st 2018, an extension order was signed for shortening the work week.
The main orders of the extension state as follows:

  1. The working week will be shortened by 1 hour and will stand on 42 work hours (instead of 43) - this shall be applied by reducing 1 working hour from a fixed working day every week, which will be determined in accordance with the employer needs and in an attempt to consider the preferences of the employee.
  2. Where the work necessities require that the reduction be made on a different day of the week, the employer may change the day set for a shortened day of the week, provided that the employee is given another shortened day that week.
  3. If an employee is required to work at the reduced hour on the shortened day, he shall work as required and will be paid compensation for the excess hours at an overtime rate.
  4. For employees who work in shifts - the employer will determine the working hours and schedule of each shift according to the work needs and shortening of weekly working hours.
  5. In accordance to the shortened working week, the hourly wage rate will be calculated on a basis of 182 hours per month.

In addition, the directives related to restrictions of working hours and night work (a work of at least two hours between 22:00 and 6:00) were changed, mainly as follows:

  1. The length of work day, including overtime, shall not exceed 12 hours (no change).
  2. An employee will be employed for up to 16 additional work hours per week (instead of 15 for a five-day week and 12 for a six-day work week).
  3. Regarding employees who work at night work, the length of their work week shall not exceed 58 weekly work hours.
  4. In a factory where employees work in shifts, a worker will not be employed at night work for more than one week within two weeks (instead of one week within three weeks).