National holiday on the elections for local authorities and regional councils

Lilach Elayza, Payroll Specialist, Guberman Group 1,945

On October 30, 2018, elections will be held for local authorities and regional councils.
The day of the elections will be considered a holiday within the boundaries of the authorities and councils in which the elections are held.
The purpose of this law, which was implemented for the first time this year, is to increase the voter turnout and make it easier for residents to participate in this democratic process and influence their place of residence.

The conditions for entitlement to a National holiday
An employee shall be entitled to a National holiday day if at least one of the following two conditions is met:
1.      His place of work is in the area of ​​an authority/council where elections are held.
2.      His place of work is not within the jurisdiction of a council where the elections are held, but he is listed in the electoral register of another authority/council in which the elections are held.

If the employee is registered in the electoral register of one local authority, but his place of employment is in another local authority, the National holiday shall correspond to the authority in which he is registered (ie, his place of residence).

An employee lives in and is listed in the electoral register of City #1 but he works in the Regional Council of City #2.
If the election days of both cities are held on two different dates, his day of holiday will take place on the election day of City #1 (the city in which he lives and listed).

An employee who did not work on the holiday shall be entitled to an ordinary wage for that day, provided that he worked for his employer for at least 14 consecutive days prior to the Election Day.

What happens if the employee wants to work on the holiday?
An employer may allow but not obligate his employees to work on the Election Day.
It is customary to pay an employee 200% for the holiday in which he worked or to convert it for a vacation day.

Employee in the transportation services and public services doesn’t meet the eligibility criteria. Therefore, they will function as usual.