About Us

About Us
Servicing customers for over 20 years

For the past 20 years, the Guberman Group offers high quality, progressive accounting services to customers with advanced accounting needs, among which are: start-ups, multinational and public companies.
We enjoy accompanying our clientele, being their business partners, and granting them the knowledge, experience and the quality of service we have gained and developed over the years.
While connecting them to the leading entities in the industry with whom we are associated, our main goal is to turn our customer's aspirations for excellence in the finance fields to a reality.

Our customers benefit from:

  • Quality of service and reporting products at the highest standards and in an international quality.
  • Added values and consulting given as a byproduct of 20 years of gained experience and knowledge.
  • Connecting and sharing with leading service providers and organizations in the industry.
  • Service provided by trained and quality personnel that is well trained and preserved for long-term period.
  • Work methods that enable - accurate, efficient, and comfortable implementation without missing out proper quality controls.
  • Flexible service structure for optimal fit to the customer's needs and simple transformation according to its business development.

 The best proof of the quality of our work is hundreds of satisfied and loyal clients.