Guberman Group provides its customers with premium service and support for all institutional needs.
From the experience we have accumulated with our clients, we are aware that dealing with the tax authorities often drains unnecessary resources from the organization, and the accountant does not always have the ability to provide an appropriate real-time response.

Guberman Group provides a unique service, handling and dealing with the tax authorities.

Following is a list of possible services:

  • Checking refunds.
  • Obtaining exemptions, such as withholding tax and bookkeeping.
  • Advance payments: Reductions/ Increases/ Cancellations.
  • Handling fines, penalties and decisions.
  • Handling collection enforcement.
  • Submitting reports 856 and 126.
  • Submitting quarterly reports, such as the list of advance payments reported for the tax year.
  • Details of account status.
  • Details of unsettled refunds (delayed) in VAT, income tax.
  • Any service the customer may need.