Guberman Group provides premium payroll services in Israel to organizations that do not compromise on the professional care of its most valuable resource - the human resource.
Guberman Group's payroll bureau provides its customers with uncompromising service, ensuring accuracy and meticulousness in one of the most important issues in any organization- payroll calculation, using methods developed for over 20 years and with the help of top-notch professionals.
The service is provided online with a wide variety of advanced payroll software programs, such as, Michpal, Shiklulit, Hilan, Synel, and more.

Our customers benefit from:

  • Service provided by professional and quality personnel that is trained and preserved for long-term period.
  • Work methods that enable accurate, efficient, and comfortable implementation without missing out proper quality controls.
  • Integrative outsourced service that creates in-house feel.
  • Vast experience with international companies and public companies.
  • High standard of service, and strive for quality and excellence in execution.
  • High level productions.
  • The executive payroll department ensures full confidentiality for the senior management of the organization.  

 The service includes:

  • Monthly production of pay slips.
  • Monthly reports, wage orders, reports to institutions for deductions (Form 102), social payments, details for the purpose of making bank transfers / producing a MASAV file, costing and custom reports.
  • Production of relevant annual reports: Forms 106, Reports 126.
  • Account handling for departing and dismissed employees, including Form 161.
  • Absorption of new employees and updating of the wage system under the terms of their employment.
  • Treatment of reserve payments.
  • Coordinating wages with insurance agents in all matters related to managers' insurance policies, study funds and provident funds, updating collection tables, etc.
  • An executive payroll service that allows senior management to keep its salary absolutely confidential and provided by department managers.

Complementary payroll services:

  • This service is intended for companies that use external payroll bureau services (which are not Guberman), in order to streamline, enrich, and improve the customer's service experience.
  • Preparation of the payroll data.
  • Presence management in the company's system (new employee, setting a work contract, completion of presence and absence codes according to company procedures: vacation, illness, password reset).
  • Providing ongoing support to the company employees regarding questions related to attendance, updating of personal details, wages and labor laws.
  • Control of salary slips and amendments to the work of the external payroll bureau if necessary.
  • Quarterly and semi-annual controls.
  • Close payroll processes and issuing reports + payments to the employees and the employee's funds.
  • Issuing reports to individuals and departments within the company according to the client's request.
  • Working with external suppliers.
  • Account handling for departing and dismissed employees, including Form 161.
  • Management of employee portfolios.