As a group, we have acquired extensive, practical knowledge about the conduct of companies and boards of directors, as well as extensive knowledge of company development and expansion projects and their implementation, in a variety of fields. We place this experience and our understanding of current business practices at the disposal of boards of directors and companies that are required to make significant decisions and wish to obtain an external opinion for the organization. For this purpose and as required, we will include technological experts in various fields, with whom we are in constant contact.

Outlining a business and financial plan

Guberman Group has developed exceptional expertise in assisting many start-up companies. We are involved with dozens of start-up companies on a regular basis and have assisted hundreds of companies over the years. One of the biggest difficulties facing start-ups is the need for an all-encompassing plan that amalgamates the company's entire situation, including the technological aspects of the business, various fundraising tracks, and fundraising methods. We assist business owners in formulating a comprehensive, long-term picture of the business and technology in the space of a number of quick, short meetings.

Advice on acquiring funding from the Israel Innovation Authority and international funds

Funding from international funds or the Israel Innovation Authority can assist businesses through difficult periods and reduce risk to shareholders or even convince them of the feasibility of investing. We can present a variety of possibilities and direct customers to the relevant funds and programs and even help improve the offer, when necessary. The service is short-term and may be extended according to the needs and requests of the client. The great advantage of working with us is that we bring the customer the successful, practical experience of a team that has dealt and deals with development issues in a variety of fields, and assists companies involved in development at different support levels, on a daily basis.

General advisory services

As a group, we have acquired extensive business experience that we share regularly with our clients. From time to time, we are requested to give additional support, whether to help customers locate added funding or to connect them with relevant companies. We have helped companies to raise funds and create contacts with international and local entities, and we continue to provide these services to our customers.