The Guberman Private department provides advanced accounting and reporting services to the self-employed and controlling shareholders.

The department combines the unique knowledge, experience and working methods of Guberman Group, enabling Private clients to enjoy a sense of security, real-time consulting, services of an international standard.
The premium service provides the client a peace of mind while enjoying state of the art service.

Who should use our Private services?

  • Licensed businesses
  • Exempt businesses
  • Taxable employees
  • Controlling shareholders

Among Guberman Private's clients:

  • Service providers in the high-tech industry
  • Entrepreneurs (technology, real estate, etc.)
  • Partners in venture capital funds
  • Private investors and angels
  • Partners in leading law and accounting firms

Tax consulting, bookkeeping and self-employed tax return services

Self-employed business owners are obligated to conduct day-to-day bookkeeping and submit annual individual tax returns to the tax authorities.

It is best for business owners to engage the assistance of a professional with relevant experience and knowledge to prepare the tax returns,
in order to ensure that there are no errors and that all possible deductions have been incorporated safely.

The accountants and tax consultants in the accounting firm of Guberman Stefan provide tax return and reporting assistance to clients of the Private Department,
along with ongoing advice on a variety of tax issues that arise during the year.
As part of the department's activities, Guberman Private's accounting team and tax consultants also provide ongoing bookkeeping services and prepare monthly reports for the tax authorities.

Individual tax returns for controlling shareholders and taxable employees

Controlling shareholders (those that hold more than 10% of the company's shares) are required by the income tax provisions to submit individual tax returns.
This obligation is also applicable to taxable employees (those whose salary exceeds NIS 651,000).

The Guberman's Private offers premium services dedicated to the customer needs, including:

  • Handling special tax issues
  • Assistance in obtaining relevant documents and certificates
  • Performing tax simulation calculations
  • Follow-up and assistance after the submission of the tax return,
    until receipt of the assessment
  • Ongoing advice to the client in all individual taxation matters

The Full List of Guberman Private Services:

  • Accounting for the self-employed
  • Single-entry bookkeeping
  • Accounting for controlling shareholders
  • Submission of individual tax returns
  • Annual Reports
  • Submission of the initial capital assets statement
  • Submission of following capital assets statements
  • Submission of capital assets statements for exempt businesses
  • Opening new files with the tax authorities
  • Changing the file type for a controlling shareholder
  • Changing the file type for a taxable employee
  • Handling government institutions (income tax, VAT, social security)
  • Closing files with the tax authorities