Guberman Group -
A leading provider for outsourced 
(virtual) CFO Services in Israel 



Outsourced CFO Service (Virtual CFO Services) is offered to small and medium-sized companies that require an experienced financial officer to help the management make the right financial decisions and address legal, accounting, and financial issues, and is a highly cost-effective solution that allows great flexibility, according to the company's needs.

Applied Solutions

The scope of the services and tasks facing the CFO varies from company to company. An outsourced CFO (and Virtual Finance Director) will address, among other things, the following issues:

  • Ongoing consultation to the CEO and management of the company in all matters relating to finance, accounting, and taxation.
  • Participation in board meetings and presentation of the relevant financial information to the directors.
  • Preparing the annual budget, a five-year budget and a financial plan.
  • Consultations regarding manpower, wages, and structure of labor contracts.
  • Due Diligence preparation and process management.
  • Planning and managing the capital rising process with private investors, angels and venture capital funds.
  • Management of option plans and Cap tables for employees and managers.
  • Ensuring compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • Risk and insurance management (directors insurance, product liability, etc.).
  • Definition of internal policies and procedures: setting up control systems, and signatory rights policy.
  • Establishment of branches or subsidiaries and intercompany agreements.
  • Handling international taxation issues.
  • Commercial consulting, business model planning and pricing policy.
  • Establishment and implementation of billing systems and collection process, and handling all income recognition issues.
  • Controlling the cash flow, dealing with banks and currency hedging.
  • Connecting with all professional providers: lawyers, auditors, insurance agents, business valuation consultants, etc.

Guberman Group - Your Financial Management Solution

For over two decades, the group has been providing professional solutions in outsourced CFO services (Virtual CFO Services), while providing added value to companies of various sizes and allowing the management to deposit the financial matters in professional hands, while granting them peace of mind and full confidence.

The Guberman Group's CFOs have extensive experience in managing the finances of leading companies in the high-tech, commerce and real estate sectors.

The scope of the CFO position may be determined in advance by joint decision with the company's management or updated according to the changing needs of the company, and upon specific demand from management.