Outsourced bookkeeping services are available for companies of all sizes and stages of development. The service is suitable for start-ups, as well as established companies, both private and publicly-traded. Our bookkeeping department is known for its high-quality bookkeeping, meticulousness in meeting international standards, and real-time updates. Using advanced bookkeeping software and online resources allows a company and its executives the benefits of full synchronization and real-time (online) information. Our bilingual and multi-currency bookkeeping services enable accountants to produce full and accurate financial statements in real time. The service is provided both in the offices of the Guberman Group and at the client’s offices, depending on the needs of the client. The group's management ensures that the work method provides the optimal cost-benefit relationship for the client.

The service is provided online with a wide variety of advanced accounting softwares, such as, Priority, Priority zoom, Priority On Cloud, Hashavshevet, SAP Business One, SAP R/3, Netsuite and QuickBooks Which allows the company and its management real-time and full synchronization.

 The service includes:

  • Fluent bookkeeping
  • Monthly reports and payments to tax authorities
  • Statement transmission 856 - Annual report to the tax authority
  • Bilingual and multi-currency working environment
  • Professional and online consultation
  • Balance Sheet Account Reconciliation
  • Monthly follow-up on missing documentation
  • Working from the client's offices if necessary
  • Remote interfacing to client's software
  • Option to remote interfacing to Guberman's softwares
  • Setting professional work methods for the client

What enables quality in Bookkeeping?

  • Transparency
  • Having an accurate balance sheet at all time.
  • Streamlining your business processes and improving profitability.
  • Reporting complete and accurate information to the tax authoritie
  • Assignment to the budgetary items in accordance with the needs and requirements of the company
  • ​Real-time data retrieval (real time updates).

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