Every company registered in Israel is required by law to have its annual financial statements audited by an external auditor who is an accountant. The financial statements of the company are the main source of reporting on the company's financial position for the tax authorities, shareholders and banks.

The auditing department of Guberman Stephan, part of the Guberman Group, prepares audits for a range of companies in the fields of high-tech, real estate, and industry. The department has extensive experience in auditing the financial statements of private companies, international companies and international subsidiaries. The department operates to the highest professional standards, maintaining strict audit procedures, relevant accounting standards, accepted accounting principles and compliance with reporting deadlines.

Assessments and tax consultancy

Guberman Stephan’s accountants represent clients in assessments and audits conducted by the various tax authorities, advising them during the year on all the issues arising in the ordinary course of business, as well as in optimal planning of transactions and incorporations, in order to minimize tax exposure.

Among our auditing services:

  • Preparation of annual tax reports.
  • Annual audits of financial statements.
  • Ongoing representation before the tax authorities (Includes: handling reduction of advance payments, fines, deduction at source, dividends, etc. Does not include assessment hearings and unusual issues.)
  • Annual consultation meeting at the time of the signing of the annual report.